Gov. Scott Wants Study on Distracted Driving and Deadly Florida Car Accidents

In an attempt to determine if distracted driving is the reason for an increase in fatal Florida car accidents, Governor Rick Scott is requesting the state to conduct a study. His goal is to determine if distracted driving is behind the increase in fatalities.

According to reports, last year, there were 609 fatal crashes through March in the state of Florida, compared to 636 through March of this year. This number reflects an increase of 25 fatal crashes.

Florida is one of the few states that has yet to enact texting and driving legislation. Though many bills have been proposed, they have all been shot down in recent years.

It’s unclear if the state will honor Governor Scott’s request for a study on the impact of distracted driving or what he would do with the data collected by such a study. However, many think something has to be done.

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