In most cases, Florida's Work Comp system does not cover "stress" only claims.

In most instances, Florida's Workers' Compensation laws to not allow workers' compensation claims for "stress" only. There is an exception that applies to Firefighters and Police officers, however; for almost everyone else, a claim cannot be made for stress only.  Often times I hear from potential clients that their job is stressful, or a fellow employee causes them stress and as a result they suffer from anxiety or depression.  Unfortunately, Florida's laws will not provide workers' compensation coverage for this scenario.  Florida law only allows for claims involving stress when the stress is accompanied by physical trauma.  In other words, if you have physical injury that results in stress, depression or anxiety, the workers' comp carrier should provide medically necessary treatment for the mental condition.  If you have been injured and have questions regarding the above, or about your workers' compensation claim, contact us at 1-800-556-8890 or request a free copy of my book on Florida's Workers' Compensation.
Five years ago, I was diagnosed with seizure disorders. They have been controlled successfully with medication until recently. I've started to experience non-elpilectic seizures which can not be controlled with meds. Per my Neurologist, this is likely due to increased stressed. I saw an ENT for what I thought was an ear infection just to find out that the ear pain is due to muscle tightness from clenching my teeth, also due to stress. Is this something WC would cover?
by Neko November 1, 2010 at 02:57 PM
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