Injured workers in Volusia County/Nurse Case Managers/Friend or Foe?

If making a workers' compensation claim in Daytona Beach, or for that matter, anywhere in Florida, it is very likely that the workers' compensation insurance company will assign a Nurse Case Manager to your case.  These Nurse Case Managers (NCM), are supposed to help coordinate medical care in order to expedite necessary treatment for your workers' compensation injury.  Sounds nice doesn't it?  If only it were true in all cases.  Unfortunately, many times, Nurse Case Managers work harder against you than for you.  Remember who is paying for their services...the insurance carrier.  It is not uncommon for NCMs to actually argue with treating doctors over recommended treatments or work status. Why? To save money for their employer, the workers' compensation carrier. 

Now there are some exceptions. Some NCMs actually have your best interest in mind and truly work with the doctors and insurance company to provide appropriate, expedient medical care.  Sadly, these NCMs are becoming a rare breed. 

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