A Florida car accident can be devastating emotionally, financially and physically.  Some car accident victims sustain serious injuries that lead to lifelong conditions.  Spinal cord injuries are often caused by car crashes and can greatly impact the lives of the victims.  If you or someone you love has sustained a spinal cord injury from an auto accident, you need to be aware of the complications associated with this type of injury and the compensation available when negligence was involved.

Many spinal cord injuries result in paralysis, either complete or incomplete.  A spinal cord injury that causes paralysis in the majority of the body is known as quadriplegia.  An injury that paralyzes only the lower body is known as paraplegia.

There are several complications associated with spinal cord injury cases, including problems with bowel or bladder function, breathing difficulties, inability to regulate heart rate, limb stiffness, abnormally high blood pressure, osteoporosis and gallbladder stones.  These issues can make living life with a spinal cord injury especially difficult.

You can pursue financial compensation when the other driver is to blame for your car accident.  If you have sustained a spinal cord injury, you should contact a Florida auto accident lawyer at the Law Firm of Johnson & Gilbert at (386) 673-4412 or (800) 556-8890 for legal advice.

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