Daytona Beach Personal Injury/Seat Belt Law

Florida has passed a new seat belt law that went into effect on 6/30/09.  The new, stricter law was enacted in an effort to reduce injuries for those involved in car accidents.  The new law, named the Slosberg-Marchetti Law, allows law enforcement to issue a $30 fine for failure to buckle up.  Previously, an officer could only issue a ticket if you were not wearing your seat belt when pulled over for some other driving offense.  Now if you are spotted not wearing a seat belt, you can  be pulled over and fined for that reason alone.  Statistically speaking, the new law should save lives and prevent more serious injuries if involved in a car wreck.  29% of unrestrained occupants are ejected during a car crash, and 74% of those ejected suffer fatal injuries.  In addition, unrestrained car accident victims generally have much larger medical expenses due to their injuries.  At Johnson & Gilbert, we strongly urge all drivers and passengers in Florida to buckle up for safety.  If you, or someone you know is involved in a car accident, please contact us to discuss your rights. Remember, you may not need an attorney, but you need to know your rights!
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