A few tips for bicycle riders could spare them a crash and nasty injuries:
  1. Ride in the middle of the right lane: Avoid riding on a path close to the curb or parked vehicles and don't worry about frustrated drivers at your back. Doing this prevents you from running into open car doors. You also have a better chance to be spotted by vehicles coming from your right, at an intersection or out of a parking lot, and to avoid a vehicle as it comes into your path.
  2. Ride like a car, walk like a pedestrian: Make smart choices. Drive with the traffic, never the wrong way, which would make a crash not just more likely but also more severe. When traffic is too dense for you to turn left, or at busy intersections, stop and cross with pedestrians. Avoid riding your bicycle on sidewalks and crosswalks where you could hurt a child or frighten a pedestrian.
  3. Choose the best route for bicycles: Adjust your route to your bicycle and choose the ones with wide lanes, paved shoulders and less traffic. Many cities have special lanes for cyclists, and Google Maps even has an option showing directions for bicycles.
  4. Forget the MP3: Headphones are bad on a bicycle. You need to be able to hear what is approaching far more than if you were comfortably seated in a car. Don't forget, you are the vulnerable one in this contest.

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