Think before you act. For some motorists in Florida, this seems like a maxim they’ve never heard of. For starters, everything must go fast, and there is no time for thinking.
The impulsive driver who, in a split-second, crosses all lanes to reach for the exit he nearly missed, may have saved the few minutes a detour through the next exit would have cost him, but this happened at the risk of causing a very serious accident.
We have all been there. We are all subject to reacting impulsively when something unexpected comes up. A dog darts across the road; the exit is left, not right; the right lane is much faster; this is the EZ-pass lane; I forgot my cell phone. Suddenly, you change course, and even if you know where you are going, the vehicles behind you didn’t expect you to do this. A split-second decision ends in a major crash or car pile-up.
The Florida traffic code, and common sense, tells us that motor vehicles need to signal their intention to make a left or right turn at least 100 feet before turning. No vehicle may turn at an intersection unless it is positioned in the appropriate lane to do so.
For Florida motorists, the attitude must be that safety should always come first. Do not swerve, change lanes, brake or turn unless it is safe to do so, and accept that time is not precious to the point of risking your life and the lives of others. If you missed the exit, there are other exits down the road that will lead you to your destination just the same.
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