Anyone who has ever tried to get a Florida teen or young adult out of bed and off to school or work knows it’s not easy. They can be a sleepy bunch. Cartoonists and comedians milk the situation for plenty of laughs.

Unfortunately, this segment of the population also tends to operate motor vehicles on Florida’s central and north coastal area’s streets and highways while not fully awake, putting themselves and others at risk for some of Florida’s most serious automobile accidents, according to studies of sleep and driving habits.

Study Shows Teens, Young Adults Most Likely Drowsy Drivers

Studies by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) and Automobile Association of America (AAA) show licensed drivers between ages of 16 and 24 are slightly more likely to drive drowsy than other age groups. One in seven younger drivers acknowledged driving while drowsy, compared to one in ten in all other age groups, according to an AAA Foundation study.

A poll conducted by NSF revealed routine, daily activities such as driving a car were impaired by sleepiness for 20 percent of teens and young adults. People in these age categories reported less sleep satisfaction than other age groups.

These findings emphasize the importance of making the driving public aware of drowsy teen driver car crash dangers, note the Florida automobile accident attorneys of Johnson & Gilbert, P.A., in Ormond Beach, who have represented persons involved in crashes for more than 15 years.

Ways to Avoid Hazards of Drowsy Driving

Spreading the word about the dangers of drowsy driving could save thousands of lives, notes David Cloud, NSF’s chief executive officer. The organization offers a variety of tips to prevent car crashes caused by drowsy drivers:

  • Avoid alcohol and any medications that can cause drowsiness
  • Drive with a buddy who can share time behind the wheel
  • Don’t drive for more than 100 miles or two hours without taking a break
  • Take periodic caffeine breaks. Two cups of caffeinated coffee can boost alertness for two or more hours
  • Get off the road and catch short nap of 15 or 20 minutes. Make sure you are fully alert before resuming your journey

Automobile accidents caused by young adult and teen drivers impaired due to fatigue are among many hazards found on Florida streets and highways today, note the Ormond Beach car accident attorneys at the law firm of Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. If you’ve been involved in a car crash, call them at 386.673.4412 or toll-free at 800.556.8890 for a free consultation.

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