While hurricane season is about to wind down, Florida will likely be inundated this weekend with tropical rain. In this state, it is a good idea to know how to drive in wet weather safely in order to avoid Florida car accidents. Most people do nothing to prepare to drive when the weather is bad. Shouldn’t you be prepared?

Frankly, you should not drive at all if you are upset or feel like you are in rush. Maybe you have to run out for those last supplies for an upcoming storm, but it is a far better idea to be prepared early. Do not drive if you are tired or during your normal sleep period if you can help it.

Make sure you are set to drive and that you are comfortable. You need to feel comfortable in your clothes and comfortable in your vehicle. There should be nothing distracting you in your driving environment.

Obviously, you should make sure your vehicle is ready to be out on the road in bad weather. Is the windshield clean? Do the wipers work right? Are your tires in good shape? Do you have any mechanical problems with your car? If you have to clean your windshield or headlights while you are diving, then do so.

Most of all, do not drive in rain so hard that you can’t see. Stop and wait until visibility improves. Just get off the road.

You really need to learn how to drive when traction is bad. If you think you are going to be out more than you would like in bad weather, go to a parking lot and practice in the rain.

We all have emergencies, and sometimes we must drive in wet weather. Just be prepared.

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