Pedestrian fatalities are on the rise in Florida

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, Florida ranks #2 in the nation for pedestrian fatalities.  According to the latest figures, in 2010 there were 36 more pedestrian fatalities than the previous year.  The Daytona Beach area had several pedestrian fatalities last year.  As I have written before, pedestrians, bicyclist and autos must share Volusia county roads.  Pedestrians should never assume that they have the "right of way".  Even if it were true, it provides little solace if a pedestrian is killed or severely injured.  Florida's warm weather contributes to the number of pedestrians in the Daytona/Ormond and Flagler Beach areas.  When walking on our roads or beaches, keep an eye on traffic. Never assume that you are visible to oncoming traffic.  By taking extra precautions, hopefully we can reverse the dangerous trend of increasing pedestrian fatalities.

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