Driver Beware: How You May Be Able to Prevent a Road Rage Accident

Mistakes happen. You didn’t notice you were about to cut off another driver when you pulled onto Atlantic Avenue, I-95, Beach Street, or another road in Daytona Beach—but you did, and now he’s mad. He began honking his horn and tailgating you, and now you’re worried that you will become the victim of a road rage accident.

Road rage is one of the biggest reasons for accidents, as motorists are unable to control their tempers and drive aggressively as a result. Obscene gestures, honking, speeding, and tailgating are just a few of the ways motorists show their displeasure with other drivers.

Preventing a Road Rage Accident

Victims of road rage accidents are often left with a variety of serious injuries. You may be able to prevent these types of accidents from occurring by following these tips:

  • Stay calm and courteous. Avoid getting angry yourself because of the other driver’s actions. Doing so could further provoke the other motorist and cause an accident. Additionally, a simple wave when you make a mistake can calm the driver down and possibly stop him from getting so upset.
  • Keep up the pace. Driving significantly under the speed limit is a sure way to upset other motorists, particularly if you are riding in the left lane. Keeping up with traffic could stop other drivers from becoming angry. If you must drive slower, do so in the right lane.
  • Use your blinker. Drivers who are prone to experiencing road rage are often set off by the simplest of things. Not using your turn signals before switching lanes is one of them.

If Road Rage Strikes

If you are the victim of a road rage accident, the legal team of Johnson and Gilbert wants to help. Contact us today to speak with an experienced attorney about how you may be eligible to receive financial compensation.

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