The odds may be a bit different, but the result could be the same: a devastating impact causing severe injuries or death. Most serious car crashes in Florida occur at intersections, which does not prevent countless Florida motorists from approaching them at high speed, sometimes even accelerating if the traffic light turns yellow.

There are several good reasons to slow down when you are about to enter an intersection, even one that has traffic lights, like:
  • You are less likely to be rear-ended if you need to stop suddenly;
  • If the lights turn to yellow, you are able to stop and won't feel the need to accelerate;
  • You have more time to watch for oncoming vehicles turning left and crossing your path;
  • You have a better view of vehicles on the through lanes that fail to stop or have a right of way;
  • You are less likely to run over pedestrians or bicyclists.

On some Florida intersections the danger of an accident is raised substantially because of the traffic's dense flow and speed. Many traffic lanes and large trucks may obscure the view and confuse drivers. During peak hours, commuters tend to resist anything that slows them down and sometimes rush through intersections when traffic lights have already turned red.

If you drive through dangerous intersections every working day, consider alternative routes that, even if longer, may be a lot safer in the long run.

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