Teen Drivers Hurt Others More Than They Hurt Themselves in Accidents

Are you concerned about the prevalence of teen drivers on the road? According to the results of a recent study, you should be. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety revealed that most of the people injured or killed in crashes involving teen drivers are people other than the teenagers behind the wheel.

The Scary Truth About Teen Drivers

Blame inexperience, ego, or simple lack of judgment: whatever the cause, teenage drivers are dangerous when behind the wheel. The study analyzed data of police-reported crashes that took place from 1994 to 2003 and involved teenage drivers, ages 15 to 19, and here’s what it found:

  • When teenage drivers are the cause of crashes, 66 percent of the people killed, and 67 percent of those injured, are drivers and passengers other than the teen drivers. This means the odds of walking away from a crash that involves a teen driver without sustaining serious injuries are quite unfavorable.
  • Almost 30 percent of those killed were in vehicles other than that of the teen drivers. Only 27 percent of the victims who were killed were in the same vehicles as the at-fault drivers, and 10 percent weren’t in vehicles at all.
  • Around half of the victims who were injured were in other vehicles, 17 percent were in the teenaged driver’s vehicles, and two percent were pedestrians or bikers.

What This Means for You

It’s impossible to avoid sharing the road with all teenage drivers, but it is possible to protect yourself should an accident occur. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert pride themselves on helping accident victims in the Daytona Beach and surrounding area and may be able to do the same for you. Contact us today through our online form or by calling 800.556.8890 to set up your free consultation.

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