The Burning Truth About Burns Caused by a Volusia County Car Crash

The state of Florida is chock full of hot spots, but you don’t want to suffer burns on your way to them. Believe it or not, burns are one of the most serious injuries that can occur as the result of a Volusia County car crash. Prompt and proper treatment of the injuries can mean the difference between healing quickly and needing extensive—and expensive—care.

Types of Burns

You have probably heard about the varying degrees of burns: first, second, third and fourth. These terms are how doctors classify their severity. For instance, first-degree burns are the most minor and only affect the outer layer of skin. Second-degree burns extend into the second layer of skin and can cause blistering, pain and redness. Third-degree burns involve both layers of skin and may also damage tendons, bone and muscles. Fourth-degree burns, the most serious, extend past the skin and subcutaneous fat layers and onto the bone and muscle.


The treatment for burns typically depends on their severity. Minor burns may heal with the help of doctor-prescribed topical treatments and bandages. More serious burns may require removal of the dead skin, called debridement, in addition to antibiotics or other medications.

Where to Seek Help

Your health and wellbeing are what is most important following an accident. As soon as you are able to, go to the emergency room or call an ambulance to take you there. Burns are scary and painful and can become worse the longer you leave them untreated. A doctor will help the healing begin as soon as possible, and will also start written documentation of your treatments, which can help you if you need to go to court.

If you are one of the many who will become involved in a Volusia County car crash this year, take care of yourself and have your injuries treated immediately, particularly if you are burned. Burns can cause you to suffer major complications if not taken care of.

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