The Different Types of Pelvic Fractures That Could Affect You After a Daytona Car Crash

A healthy pelvis is essential to walking and completing many of the activities you need to do on a daily basis. If you’ve been in a Daytona car crash, you may be suffering from a fractured pelvis, which could cause extreme pain and make life difficult. Two different types of fractures typically occur.

Pelvic Anatomy

The pelvic bone resides between the lower limbs and abdomen, and connects the spinal lumbar region to the femurs. It is made of the pelvic girdle (the hip bones), the pelvic spinal region (the coccyx and sacrum) and the pelvic cavity, which is subdivided into four parts: the greater pelvis, the true pelvis, the pelvis floor and the perineum.

Stable Fractures

Stable fractures occur when a person suffers a minor pelvic injury with only one breaking point along the pelvic ring; limited or no disruption to the pelvic bone; and limited internal bleeding. The pelvis is still secure despite the injury, and should heal successfully.

Unstable Fractures

When two or more breaks take place along the pelvic ring, the fracture is considered “unstable.” Moderate to severe bleeding could occur with this type of injury, and internal organs may be threatened.

Doctor bills and time away from work due to a pelvic fracture from a Daytona car crash can leave you with massive debt. The lawyers of Johnson and Gilbert don’t think you should be held responsible for these expenses when the accident wasn’t your fault.

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