Can you imagine the captain of a mega-cruiser entering the harbor while scrolling down emails on a smart phone? Or the airline pilot approaching the landing strip and reaching for wraps and coffee? Difficult, because these professionals are in charge, have been drilled and don't want to die. The result: they focus on the task at hand.

In many instances, this should also be the attitude of motor vehicle drivers. They certainly don't want to be the victim of a serious car crash in Florida. The problem is they often have a very low perception of being in charge - driving is just another activity, like eating or jogging - and they have never been drilled.

For too many people, the car is a place where they keep on doing the things they do all day, like:
  • Eating and drinking, hot and cold;
  • Talking, laughing and gesturing;
  • Grooming and reprimanding kids;
  • Using cell or smart phones to dial, talk, listen, read or send messages;
  • Surfing the internet;
  • Petting the dog;
  • Applying makeup, shaving;
  • Reading a book, news, or office papers;
  • Looking for an address, place to park, person in the crowd;
  • Changing clothes;
  • Watching a video or movie;
  • Programming the navigation system.

There isn't really an end to the list. And there seems to be no end to the misery of people hurt and killed in motor vehicle crashes in Florida caused by distracted driving.

Let's get back to driving. Let's focus on driving.

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