What Your Teen Must Know About Distracted Driving Crashes

Parents are usually stressed out and nervous every time their teenagers get behind the wheel. Driving by itself is dangerous, particularly on busy Florida roads such as I-95. But when you add in texting and other distractions, maneuvering a vehicle safely becomes almost impossible. Teenagers cause Orlando distracted driving crashes every day. You may be able to stop yours from injuring himself or others by sharing the facts.

Texting vs. Intoxication

A study conducted by the University of Utah found that the impairment associated with texting when driving is comparable to driving while intoxicated. This means that operating a vehicle while drunk is just as dangerous as texting while driving.

Talking Is Just as Dangerous as Texting

Your teen may think he is more than capable of talking and driving at the same time. The statistics prove the opposite, however. Studies show that reactions are 18 percent slower when drivers are on their phones, and there is a twofold increase in the number of collisions. This means your teen driver could cause a serious crash driving when on the phone.

Hands-Free Is Still Dangerous

Using a hands-free device is a bit safer than holding a phone in your hand, but doing so is still dangerous. Talking takes your attention away from the road. A 2003 study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that hands-free conversations caused “inattention blindness” and impaired vehicle drivers to those braking in front of them.

Talking to your teen about these dangers could prevent his involvement in Orlando distracted driving crashes.

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