Will Driving Alone Help Your Teen Avoid a Daytona Beach Car Accident?

If electronic devices are distracting enough for your teen driver, new studies show that peer passengers are equally, if not, more dangerous and can lead to a deadly Daytona Beach car accident.

When teen passengers are along for the ride

According to the American Academy for Pediatrics, your teen driver is:
  • Twice as likely to be involved in a fatal accident when another teen is present
  • Five times as likely when there are two or more peers riding with them

What teens are reporting

A new study conducted by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) reveals what teens are saying about the distractions that led up to their accidents:
  • Of the males, 71 percent say they were distracted by their passengers
  • Of the females, 47 percent report the same thing

How these distractions play out

According to the CHOP study, boys tended to crash due to driving aggressively, such as speeding, reckless driving, and performing illegal maneuvers. Girls tended to become distracted by talking with their friends and using electronic devices.

Should your teen drive alone

It’s reasonable to conclude that it is safer for your teen driver to drive alone and without their friends in the car. The less distractions your child faces, the safer they will be.

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