Is it really that important that I talk to a reputable motorcycle accident attorney right away or can I simply wait and see what happens?

If your accident involves serious injuries, we strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney that you can trust as soon as possible.

Evidence and Witnesses: All too often, evidence is discarded or not preserved and witnesses disappear.

Driver Fault: Automobile drivers' failure to see motorcyclist is a leading cuase of motorcycle crashes. Almost 70% of motorcycle accidents involving multiple vehicles are caused by drivers who violate a motrocyclist's right of way. Proving the driver of the other vehicle was at fault is critical to your right to make a recovery and should be investigated and established as soon as possible.

Inspecting Motorcyle and Saftey Gear: A significant number of motorcycle accidents are caused by mechanical failure. This may require an inspection of the motorcyle by experts and possibly the preservation of the motorcyle or defective parts as evidence. Similarly, the manufacturers of safety gear must comply with various government standards to increase a rider's safety in case of a motorcycle crash.

Investigating Road Conditions: Many times, roadway conditions are contributing factors in motorcycle accidents. Was the roadway not properly maintained (potholes or pavement ridges)? Is there a problem with the design or construction of the road? Are there adequate signs" Do the traffic controls function properly? These are some of the many factors that must be investigated.