Can a cell phone breathalyzer app stop me from getting a DUI during the holidays?

The holidays are usually filled with family get-togethers, work parties, and friends getting together to exchange gifts and enjoy each other’s company. Along with ugly sweaters and bad gifts, these soirees also usually include alcohol.

Alcohol can make boring parties fun, your boss more tolerable, and can allow you to talk to people you wouldn’t have the courage to otherwise. It can also cause you to get a DUI for driving under the influence.

Using Cell Phone Breathalyzer Apps

Cell phone breathalyzer apps are now available and claim that they measure the amount of alcohol on a person’s breath. If they are accurate, they could have the potential to prevent drunk driving arrests and accidents from occurring.

  • How they work. Breathalyzer apps are designed to measure the amount of alcohol on your breath with the use of a product you attach to your phone. Once you breathe into the piece of equipment, the app gives you a reading of your blood alcohol content level.
  • Do they work? The jury is still out on the effectiveness of these apps and their corresponding breath testing apparatuses, which means you may not be able to trust the reading they give.
  • Should I buy one? The best way to ensure you don’t receive a drunk driving charge is to avoid drinking to begin with. Despite what your app may say, the only reading the police will care about is the one from their own machines.

When You Are the Victim of a Drunk Driving Crash

The person who hit you didn’t care about drinking before he got behind the wheel. He didn’t think about the damage he could do to you and your vehicle. The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert, however, do.

Contact us today to talk to an attorney about your situation and find out if we can help you just as we’ve helped many people who were hit by drunk drivers in the Daytona Beach area.