A Hot Topic: Burns From Your Volusia County Car Crash

Imagine you’re riding down Interstate 4 through beautiful central Florida when the worst happens: a large vehicle runs into you and causes a major crash. During the collision your fuel tank becomes damaged and gas begins to leak. The liquid snakes around beneath your car and hits a hot surface, like your exhaust pipe. The next thing you know, your car becomes engulfed in flames and you are burned.

Although this type of injury probably isn’t the first you’d think of when it comes to a Volusia County car crash, it can happen and cause lots of damage to both you and your wallet.

Four types of burns often occur as the result of car crashes:

  • Electrical Burns. Electrical burns occur when the vehicle’s electrical system becomes damaged in the crash. The malfunctioning circuit can emit sparks that land on you, causing severe burns. The sparks may also cause the vehicle to catch fire.
  • Respiratory Burns. Smoke created in a fire contains lots of corrosive components. The smoke itself is also hot. Breathing in the fumes can cause your lungs and air passages to become burned and damaged by both what is inside the smoke and its temperature.
  • Thermal Burns. Perhaps the most known burns, thermal burns occur when your skin comes in contact with something hot. They are caused by either the flames directly or by touching a hot surface.
  • Scalding. Scalding is burning caused by liquid. For example, if your radiator breaks because of the impact, scorching hot liquid could escape and land on your skin, causing serious burns.

A Volusia County car crash isn’t uncommon, and neither is suffering from serious burns as a result. Treatment for a burn can costs thousands of dollars or more if severe. If you don’t have representation, you could be responsible for paying those costs yourself, which isn’t fair.

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