Distracted Driving Can Be As Dangerous As Drunk Driving, According to Statistics

There is so much press about the dangers of distracted driving, especially as more and more people are using cell phones.  The U.S. government has even created a website, Distraction.gov, which is dedicated to the subject of driver distractions.  This website has some alarming statistics that makes you wonder your risk of being involved in a Florida distracted driving accident.  Below is a summary of these startling facts:

  • Using a cell phone while driving delays a driver’s reactions by as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at .08 percent, which is the legal limit. This delayed reaction is the same whether a hand-held or hands-free device is used.

  • Brain activity associated with driving is reduced by 37 percent when using a cell phone while driving.

  • Distractions cause 80 percent of all crashes and 65 percent of near collisions.

  • About 6,000 individuals lost their lives in crashes involving a distracted or inattentive driver.

  • Drivers under the age of 20 are the worst offenders of distracted driving.

What constitutes distracted driving?  According to Distraction.gov, “distracted driving is any non-driving activity a person engages in that has the potential to distract him or her from the primary task of driving and increase the risk of crashing.”  Texting is considered to be the most dangerous distraction, as it takes the driver’s eyes and attention off the road, as well as his or her hands off the wheel.

Some of the other forms of driver distractions that can lead to serious Florida car accidents include, using a cell phone, eating, drinking, grooming, talking to passengers, reading maps, using a navigation system and changing the radio station. 

If you have been seriously injured in Florida car accident caused by a distracted driver, you may be able to recover compensation.  Contact a Daytona Beach car accident attorney at the law firm of Johnson & Gilbert at (386) 673-4412 or (800) 556-8890.