Time To Talk To Your Teen About Driving a Car in Florida. Part 2 of 2.

In a previous article we drew attention to the many different factors that, combined, lead to a very high teenage driver accident rate in Florida, causing an unacceptable number of fatalities and terrible injuries. These factors stem mostly from the young drivers' inexperience and immaturity.

This is where their parents need to step in.

Beyond the driver's license. For a teenager, a driver's license is a great step forward into adulthood, and the keys to freedom of movement. To get there, young drivers had to learn a host of basic skills and information. Parents now have to show them how cars behave, how other drivers make unexpected moves, how long it takes to stop a car at various speeds, how accidents become inevitable if the driver is distracted, how weather conditions affect driving, and so many other facets of driving that only training and discipline can keep under control.

Impose restrictions in the first year.
Maturity doesn't come at once. Neither does experience. Even if young drivers learn quickly, most teenage driver accidents happen during the first year of driving, and the worst crashes often occur at night. Restrict driving between 9 and 12 p.m. to the absolute minimum. Driving at night is not just more dangerous for all drivers, for teens it is the time to have fun, when peer pressure or distraction will greatly hamper their driving ability. Make sure to impose a limit on the number of passengers allowed in the car. Groups distract the inexperienced driver, who needs all the concentration he or she can muster.

Be a role model. Drive with your teen, and let him drive with you. Compare your impressions, and make tests on deserted parking lots or other safe places. Talk about your own experiences, and the tragedies you have witnessed. First and foremost, never violate yourself the rules you are trying to impose. If you drive over the speed limit, drink and drive or otherwise violate traffic rules, you would simply destroy whatever protection you were trying to build around your teen during the most dangerous years of his or her life.

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