Daytona/Ormond Beach drivers should have both Collision and Comprehensive insurance coverage.

In Florida there are two types of insurance designed to protect your vehicle if damaged: Collision and Comprehensive insurance coverage.  Both protect your vehicle, but in different ways, and both are equally important.  The following will provide information regarding the differences in coverage and why you should have both:


-Collision pays for damages to your car, even if you caused the accident
-All drivers in Florida are required to carry at least $10,000 in collision insurance
-25% of Florida's drivers do not have the required insurance


-Comprehensive does not cover damage as the result of a collision
-Covers damage to your vehicle for damage due to theft, fire, vandals and impacts with animals

The amount of coverage drivers in Florida should carry for Collision and Comprehensive largely depends on factors such as the value of the vehicle and geographic location (such as a high crime rate).

These types of coverage are highly recommended, particularly if damage due to a collision exceeds the at-fault parties insurance policy.  If you have questions regarding your auto insurance, or have questions regarding an auto accident, please contact Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. for a free consultation at 1-800-556-8890