Your Florida Car Accident As Seen By The Insurance Adjuster

You could be thankful to be alive after a serious Florida car accident, and rightly so. This does not prevent worries from creeping into your mind after a week or so, like:
  • I still have serious back pain, and the X-ray images don't seem to identify the problem;
  • My finances are in a mess and medical bills keep piling up;
  • My car was totaled, and hadn't fully been paid yet;
  • I can't afford to be away from work any longer.

You are convinced that you have a claim against the other party, and the insurance adjuster is scheduled to call you today. What should you expect?

What kind of person is the insurance adjuster?

Insurance adjusters are not sales representatives. They won't try to sell anything to you, and feel no need to please you. They work with targets and instructions. Their first objective is to settle with you and keep the case out of court, and they will try various tactics to reach that goal. The adjuster might propose a quick settlement, at a low level, if he or she feels you need funds immediately. Or they may let the process drag on forever, if they think that you are not ready to settle now.

You need to know that insurance adjusters handle claims all the time, hundreds of them every month. They know and they see how people react and will use threats or kindness accordingly.

How can the adjuster deny or short-change your claim?

There are many arguments he or she can use, and we have heard most of them, like:
  • Their policyholder was not negligent or at fault;
  • You caused the accident;
  • Both of you were responsible for the crash;
  • Your loss of income is exaggerated or not documented;
  • Your medical treatment was not necessary, or too expensive;
  • Your injuries are not supported by the damage to the car;
  • Your injuries are not demonstrated;
  • Your injuries result from a previous event;
  • You already had treatment for this sort of injury prior to the accident.

The adjuster could use any combination of the above and will have many other arguments and a wide range of sleazy tricks based on the particulars of your case. The purpose is to offer you a settlement basis that will make you cringe, and to start negotiating from there.

Don't let anyone deny you the compensation you are entitled to and short-change your claim for pain and suffering, wage losses, medical treatment and material damage.

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