Florida Workers’ Compensation: Your First Two Moves

You go to work expecting to make money so that you can provide for yourself and your family. Sometimes, however, the unexpected happens and you become injured. These injuries could prevent you from being able to work and make the money you need to survive, which is stressful and frightening. Florida workers’ compensation is designed to protect people like you, and knowing what to do after your accident may help you receive the benefits you deserve.

Whom You Should Tell

Experiencing an injury at the workplace can be quite jarring and confusing. Your main concern is usually getting to safety and getting yourself better. In the moments after you are hurt, it’s easy to forget one of the most important details: alerting someone of your injury. Notifying the proper person of your accident is also crucial. Tell your employer directly. Write down the date and time you told your employer and what he or she said and did. Having this information may help you later on.

When You Should Tell Someone

It’s understandable if you can’t tell your employer about the injury immediately after it occurs. After all, you need to seek medical attention first to make sure you are stable and to allow you to begin to heal as soon as possible. However, you must tell your employer about the accident within 30 days of it occurring, or within 30 days of the doctor telling you about your work-related injury. Not doing so could prevent you from getting the workers’ compensation you are entitled to.

When You Should Consult With a Lawyer

Contact an attorney as soon as you can after your accident. Your lawyer can tell you what steps to take to increase your odds of getting the compensation you deserve. The attorney may be able to also help you receive a fair amount later on down the road.

No one deserves to suffer from a work-related injury, but unfortunately, it happens. When you’re unable to work, how can you pay your bills, such as your rent or mortgage? How about groceries? That’s where Florida workers’ compensation comes in.

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