Florida Car Accident Victims Need To Heal Before Settling Their Claims

As Daytona Beach car accident attorneys, we have seen countless cases where people who have been seriously hurt in a Florida car crash have sought compensation as quickly as possible. Our advice to them has always been to be patient and wait, even though we understood that there were strong financial reasons to collect a settlement as soon as possible.

Why would injured victims have to wait before seeking compensation?

Car accident injuries can be very serious, and may lead to a long and difficult healing process. Settling with the at-fault party means that you waive any right for future claims related to the Florida car crash in which you were involved. You may be under the impression that your healing process is over, and that there will not be any future claims, but this is where your Florida auto accident lawyers advise you to reconsider, and to undergo very serious tests before you are declared at a level of Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).

Watch out for the long-term effects of certain car accident injuries

The urge to settle after a Florida auto accident can make you inattentive to a number of inconvenient facts:

  • You cannot extrapolate the healing progress you have made thus far. If your back injuries have healed to the point that you can now walk and drive, it does not mean that you will not suffer miserably after several weeks of straining 10-hour days of work;
  • Head injuries, from concussion to traumatic brain injury, may leave you with permanent headaches that get better at times, and worsen a few weeks later. It is awfully difficult to diagnose and treat head injuries, let alone to predict how they will evolve;
  • Internal organ damage is also more difficult to treat, and there may be no way to tell if a weakened liver or damaged lungs will not give rise to complications and impairment at a later stage.

Most importantly, before agreeing to a settlement after a Florida car crash, you need to contemplate the future. Any impairment, medical complication, pain and suffering that arises after the settlement is likely to be with you for a very long time, possibly a lifetime, and will therefore be very costly, or very uncomfortable, or both.

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