Insuring a teenage driver can be expensive

Your teenage child is now able to drive for the first time...the horror!  Just kidding, but certainly a teenage driver in the household poses new challenges.  One significant challenge is obtaining car insurance on your teen.  Car insurance for a teenager can be pricey!  In fact, teenager insurance in more costly than adults.  Why? Teens lack the knowledge and skills to handle various situations that may arise on the road.  Car accidents are the leading cause of death among young drivers between 16-20.  As such, insurance can be more expensive.  However, there are some ways to help cut insurance costs.

Encourage your teen to study.  Many insurance companies will offer "good grade" discounts. This could be a "win-win" for the teen and parents...good grades and reduced rates!

Also, successful completion of a safe driving course will often result in a rate reduction.  Your teen's school may offer a driving class or there are several private safety courses available depending on your geographic location.

Adding a teen to the parent's policy may also be a cost effective way to save on premiums.  If the parents have discounts available, these may be passed along to the teen's policy.  Check with your insurance agent to explore this option.

Of course, insisting that your teen follow safe driving practices is always recommended. Although it may not lead to immediate rate reductions, if will give you the peace of mind that your teen knows how to safely operate a vehicle.  Some suggestions would include restricting night driving.  Avoid cell phone use while driving and NEVER text while driving (although this may soon apply to all drivers if Florida adopts a ban on texting and driving).

These are just a few suggestions that may help offset the high costs of insuring a teenage driver.  If you have questions regarding the above, you can contact your insurance agent to see if these or any other options are available when obtaining car insurance for your teenage driver.