Traumatic Brain Injury Can Result From A Major Florida Auto Accident

The highways can be a very dangerous place and often, simple safety procedures can be overlooked.  In a moment, a terrible Florida auto accident can catch you unprepared and unawares, leaving you wishing that you would have utilized proper safety restraints and safer motor vehicle operation.

Imagine you are driving home from the grocery store and you neglect to fasten your safety belt on account that home is only 5 minutes away and you are in a hurry.  In that simple act of neglecting a seat belt you have opened your self to one of the most dangerous injuries you can incur in a car. That injury would be a traumatic brain injury, as a result of blunt force trauma from the head striking a hard surface within a car during an accident.

When the head strikes a hard surface within a car, it causes the brain to bounce against the inner walls of the brain cavity, which may result in bleeding, bruising, or the tearing of nerve fibers. Bleeding in the brain, as a result of a traumatic brain injury, can cause a cerebral edema that can result in the brain swelling and killing vital brain cells. Excessive bleeding and pooling of blood can cause the brain to hemorrhage, which is a type of stroke, causing the death of brain cells.

In the event of a traumatic brain injury, a foreign object may enter the brain cavity and cause severe damage. The object may be glass from one of the windows in the vehicle or possibly twisted metal that has been thrown from the bodywork. When the head strikes a hard surface it is also quite possible to have a piece of skull fragment to dislodge and embed in the brain. If this happens then the results are similar to a cerebral edema or hemorrhage and death of brain cells is a very present danger.

To help prevent a traumatic brain injury, always wear your seat belt and as an added precaution make it a personal choice to drive, and buy cars that have airbags as standard equipment.

If you have been hurt in a car accident in Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach or the surrounding area that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, you need to be aware that you may have certain rights and recourses. For more information, contact a Ormond Beach car accident attorney at the Law Offices of Johnson and Gilbert at 1-800-556-8890.