When a Fun Job Becomes Dangerous: Theme Park Employee Dangers

The Sunshine State is not short on theme parks. From Disney World to Wet ’n Wild, Florida is filled with these fun attractions. Along with entertaining their patrons, they are a vital part of Florida’s economy. They bring in a good amount of revenue, and provide thousands of Florida residents with jobs.

Although theme parks are fun for patrons, employees are often subjected to dangerous conditions and unnecessary risks. Injuries can occur as the result of accidents or are the result of repetitive motions.

Theme Park Worker Dangers

Theme park employees are often subjected to hazardous conditions that can leave them injured. Here we take a look at the possible problems that can occur when working in such an attraction.

  • Heavy and hot costumes. Employees in theme parks often wear costumes that portray famous characters. Many of these costumes are quite heavy, which over time can cause injuries to the neck, back, and other areas. Some of the outfits are also hot, which when combined with the Florida weather, can cause heatstroke and other heat conditions.
  • Slippery conditions. Many theme parks in the Florida area feature water park components. Because of the nature of their jobs, water park employees are often forced to work and walk on slippery areas. Falling on a wet surface can cause many different injuries, including broken bones, sprains, head injuries, and lacerations.
  • Ride accidents. Workers who are in charge of maintaining and operating rides are at risk for experiencing dangerous accidents. Broken bones and loss of limb are possible injuries from these ride accidents, depending on the situation.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help You During These Difficult Times

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