Travel and Driving During Pregnancy

Driving while pregnant can be tiring and a bit annoying. But if your pregnancy is normal, traveling during your first and second trimesters should not be a problem.

Make sure to take frequent breaks, but don't overdo your rest time. Try to go only where there is good medical care. Avoid places where climate, food, or altitude could be a problem.

You can drive, but always remember to wear your seat belt.

Travel in the First and Second Trimesters
Doctors will usually assure you that driving while pregnant is fine, but each situation is unique, and you still should take some general precautions.

Don't travel during your last month of pregnancy. Don't travel with problems like bleeding or cramping. Don't travel if you are experiencing problems with activities like sitting in a car or doing a lot of walking, or if you are experiencing swelling-you won't enjoy the trip anyway. And don't travel if your pregnancy is high-risk.

Take it easy on your trip, and remember that you are pregnant.

Travel in the Third Trimester
During your third trimester, you could go into labor at any time. Your water could break, or other problems might result. If you are traveling, a medical facility in an unfamiliar location will not know your history. Some doctors won't even accept you as a patient. It just does not make sense to risk travel at such a time.

You cannot predict when you will go into labor. There are no guarantees that it will not happen during travel. If you absolutely must travel, discuss your plans with your doctor before you finalize travel plans.

You should also check with your doctor if your husband or partner is planning to travel.

Traveling during pregnancy can be safe, but you must take precautions and always discuss your plans with your physician. 

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