An auto accident in Florida can lead to all sorts of injuries, including one of the most common – whiplash.  A whiplash injury is often caused by a rear end collision or other type of motor vehicle accident. 

Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are overextended in an accident and can lead to damage of the soft tissues and bone structures.  Even though whiplash is not life threatening, it can still be incredibly painful and may lead to a long road to recovery.

If you have been injured in a Florida car accident, you need to be aware of whiplash symptoms so that you can get the appropriate treatment.  Some of the signs of whiplash include neck pain and/or stiffness, headache, shoulder pain, dizziness, fatigue, back pain, ringing in the ears, jaw pain and vision problems.  Occasionally, someone suffering from whiplash will also develop “whiplash associated disorder” symptoms, which include depression, anger, anxiety, stress, insomnia and frustration.

When an auto accident is caused by another driver, you may be able to hold that person accountable for your injuries.  Contact an experienced Daytona Beach car accident attorney at (386) 673-4412 or (800) 556-8890 for a legal consultation.

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