Be wary of talking to at-fault parties' insurance company

I continually hear from prospective clients involved in auto accidents in the Daytona/Ormond beach area, that the at-fault parties' insurance company wants to talk to them about their "medical" care.  BE CAUTIOUS!!!  Florida is a no-fault state.  This means that an at-fault parties' insurance company is not going to be providing medical care in most circumstances (there may be exceptions if you are a pedestrian or on a bicycle).  However, if you are in a vehicle, odds are that the at-fault's insurance will not be providing medical benefits.  Your personal injury protection (PIP) provides for medical payments, regardless of fault.  So unless you are a pedestrian or on a bicycle and have no car of your own, there is likely no need to speak to the at-fault insurance company before speaking with an attorney.

Therefore, if you are injured in an accident, contact Johnson & Gilbert, P.A. at 1-800-556-8890 for a free consultation before speaking with the at-fault parties' insurance company.
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