Playing it Safe: Employee Responsibility When it Comes to On-the-Job Safety

When you broke your arm on the job, perhaps you were taken to Halifax Health-Medical Center or Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center for treatment. You immediately told them you were hurt at work, and the hospital staff began the workers’ compensation procedure.

You feel for certain that you were hurt because of mistakes made by your employer, but is this really the case? Could you have prevented the injury from taking place?

Employee Safety Responsibilities

Although your employer is required to provide safe working conditions, employees also have responsibilities when it comes to keeping themselves injury-free. Your duties to keep yourself safe include:

  • Following safe work procedures
  • Not removing or changing machine guards
  • Wearing all personal protective equipment required
  • Not behaving in a way that puts you or others at risk for injury
  • Not interfering with or misusing anything provided by the employer that is used to keep the workplace safe, such as signs and equipment
  • Not coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or any substance that can impair your ability to perform your duties safely

If you are injured on the job, but didn’t follow the proper safety procedures, you hurt your chances of receiving workers’ compensation. However, if you comply with safety measures and were still injured on the job, you could be entitled to receive assistance.

We Are Experienced in Workers’ Compensation Laws

The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert have helped many employees in the Daytona Beach area who were hurt while working receive the workers’ compensation benefits they needed to help pay bills, keep food on the table, and support themselves and their families.

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