Three Ways Nurses May Prevent Becoming Injured and Needing Workers’ Compensation

You stand on your feet for most of your 12-hour shift, lift heavy patients and constantly stoop over beds in order to treat those who need it. It’s no wonder at the end of the day your back is extremely sore. Nurses have one of the highest rates of on-the-job injuries and most will suffer from back pain at some point during their careers. Taking measures to prevent these issues may keep you healthy and eliminate the need to receive workers’ compensation.

Know Your Limits

  • Patients rely on nurses for just about everything. Often, this includes needing to be lifted. Picking someone up or simply just letting them lean on you is hard on the back, and can cause injuries. Ask for help when you need it and use what you have around you for help. For instance, transporting a patient in his or her bed or using mechanical support could stop you from hurting your back.

Stay Fit

  • Carrying extra weight takes its toll on your back. Staying in shape and at a healthy weight could prevent excess strain on your back, as well as your hips, knees, ankles and feet. Lifting weights also keeps your legs, back and arms strong, which could stop an injury from taking place.

Practice Safe Lifting

  • Use your legs for support when you lift. Start by bending at the knees, and implement your legs to support and help you lift up the object. Simply bending over at the waist and picking up the object can lead to strain. By practicing safe techniques, you may prevent a painful and debilitating injury.

Hurting yourself on the job can be a nightmare, especially when you try to receive workers’ compensation. It doesn’t have to be, however, when you have an experienced legal team backing you.

The attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert have helped many healthcare professionals just like you get the compensation they deserve. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer about your situation.


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