When it Is Time to Request a New Workers’ Comp Doctor

When you’re hurt on the job, you have a variety of concerns. Most likely, you’re worried about how you’ll provide for your family if your injury interferes with your ability to work.  Fortunately, workers’ compensation can usually help with that.

After you’ve been injured at work, you’ll need to see an approved workers’ comp doctor who will provide treatment and monitor your progress. The doctor reports to the insurance company about how long you can get the benefits. Some doctors are legitimately concerned about your well-being; some are not.  

Is it Time for a New Doctor?

The state of Florida does not allow work accident victims to choose their own doctors; the insurance company does it for them. This might be problematic if the doctor cares more about complying with the guidelines set by the insurance company instead of providing necessary treatment. You are allowed to submit a request to switch doctors one time, and you may want to if:

  • The doctor refuses testing. MRIs, x-rays, and other tests are expensive, and the insurance company may pressure its doctors to avoid running them to save money. If your doctor says these tests aren’t necessary or refuses to request them, he may care more about the insurance company than your health.
  • He pushes pain medication. Pain medication is far less expensive than treatments like physical therapy or surgery. And although they may be helpful, they are often only a temporary fix. Doctors who want to save the insurance company money may push these medications instead of ordering necessary treatments.
  • Your doctor doesn’t have much orthopedic experience. A majority of on-the-job accidents are orthopedic in nature, such as torn cartilage and ligaments and disc issues. Insurance companies typically employ general practitioners because they are often cheaper and more compliant than orthopedic doctors. A general practitioner may not have the capability to treat you appropriately and may not provide the treatment you need. This, in turn, saves the insurance company money.

When Your Doctor Doesn’t Help You, We Can

We know how frustrating the workers’ comp process is, and we want to help. Contact the attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert at 800.556.8890 to find out if we can help you receive the benefits you deserve. 


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