Business Trips Making You Sick? You Can Receive Worker’s Comp for Injuries Suffered While on the Job

Hopping on a plane and jetting off to another location is a common occurrence for you. As part of your job duties, you are required to visit other branches of your company several times a month, and most are out of state. You generally enjoy this part of the job and even consider it as a perk—except for this last time.

As you were walking through Daytona Beach International Airport, you hurt your back while carrying your heavy luggage. You weren’t able to get out of bed for a week, and still suffer daily back aches as a result. Your friend told you about workers’ compensation, but since you were on a business trip away from the office, you doubt you are eligible. Are you?

Make it Your Business to Receive Workers’ Comp While on a Business Trip

Employees often confuse traveling to work and traveling because of work. Traveling to work refers to commuting to your workplace, such as driving, biking, walking, or taking the bus to get to the office. Generally, those injured during these types of commutes are not eligible for workers’ compensation. However, exceptions may occur.

If you are injured while performing work duties away from the office, you will likely receive workers’ compensation. For instance, if you’re hosting an out-of-state conference for your employer and break your hand on a faulty piece of equipment, chances are you’ll qualify for coverage. The money you receive can help to pay for doctor exam fees, prescription medications, diagnostic testing, time away from work, and other fees that may have accrued because of your injury.

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