What are the signs that the Daytona workers’ compensation doctor I’m seeing for my injuries is prejudiced and working against me?

One of the first steps in filing for Daytona workers’ compensation is to receive a doctor’s examination after your work-related injury. You expect the doctor you see to give you an honest and fair exam. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Knowing the warning signs of a prejudiced doctor may help you receive the compensation you deserve.

  • Allegations. One of the biggest red flags of a doctor who is trying to save your company money is one who subtly suggests that your injuries were your fault or are less painful than you are describing. A good doctor is focused on his patient’s health, not on trying to push the blame on him.
  • Lesser Injuries. You visited your family doctor immediately following the accident, and now you’re receiving an exam from an independent doctor who is disagreeing with the diagnosis your personal doctor gave you. It’s not uncommon for independent physicians to give workers’ comp patients less severe diagnoses in order to prevent the company from having to pay out.
  • Incomplete Exam. The exam you receive should be thorough and the doctor should ask you many questions when it comes to giving you a diagnosis. A doctor who is quick and doesn’t seem interested in how you were injured, the location of your pain, or other important details is probably more concerned about money than about you.

If you feel that your Daytona workers’ compensation claim isn’t being taken as seriously as it should or you are being unfairly treated, we encourage you to contact the attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert. We have represented many injured employees who were in situations just like yours.

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