Whom do I need to contact if I am injured in a Daytona Beach car accident?

Staying focused after you’ve been injured in a Florida automobile accident isn’t easy. There are some basic questions that need answering. Because you have suffered an injury, though, and are probably experiencing shock after the incident, you may not be able to take on this challenge all alone.

Don’t worry. Help is available.

The staff and attorneys at Johnson & Gilbert, P.A., our Ormond Beach car accident law firm, recommend you get in touch with the following people after your auto crash in Florida:

  • Medical help. Even if you feel fine, even when there is no apparent physical trauma, you should seek out a medical evaluation. A physician may discover medical issues not readily apparent. Bumps and bruises may be more medically significant than you think. Often, the body’s reaction to a life-or-death threat suppresses pain, so you may not realize how badly you have been injured until the adrenaline wears off. In some cases, serious medical complications—such as bleeding in the brain—display almost no symptoms for hours or days after an injury. You owe it to yourself to get your condition assessed.
  • The police. It’s always a good idea to notify law enforcement authorities, even if the accident seems to be minor. Sometimes car crashes turn out to be more significant than you realize. Notifying police is a must if there are any injuries involved. Involving the police insures an official report will be filed with a description of the accident scene, statements from the parties involved, and possibly photographs of the vehicles and collision site. Having an official report on record can strengthen your case if legal remedies are needed to resolve liability.
  • A trusted Florida personal injury lawyer. Wading through the legal process is challenging. For more than 15 years, personal injury attorneys at Johnson & Gilbert have helped drivers in the greater Daytona Beach metropolitan area and from central and northern coastal Florida areas win successful resolutions in auto accident cases. Our legal team works closely with clients from start to finish, collecting, organizing and analyzing evidence to help them obtain maximum recovery.

If you’ve been injured in a Volusia County auto accident, call Johnson & Gilbert, P.A., for a free consultation at 386.673.4412 or toll free at 800.556.8890. They can help you meet your legal needs and restore order to busy lives.