As the parent of a disabled child, you likely know what it is to have financial struggles. Children with disabilities often require extensive—and expensive—medical treatments, and insurance typically only covers a portion of the costs. You are left responsible for paying for the rest. Parents also often have to miss work because of issues related to their children, causing them to not make as much of an income as they could. Orlando Social Security insurance is designed to help parents just like you take care of their families as best as possible.

A Disabled Child May Be Eligible for Social Security Insurance If:

  • The child has a physical or mental condition that is so severe it results in serious functional limitations.
  • The child has had the condition for at least 12 months.
  • The condition will likely cause the child to die.
  • The child is not gainfully employed and doing the type of work the Social Security Insurance Administration considers “substantial.”

Raising a child with disabilities is often difficult, both mentally and financially. Orlando Social Security insurance may help ease some of the burden.

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