SS_cardsIt will be difficult to win your Social Security disability claim if you don't treat with a doctor. This is because the Social Security Administration (SSA) evaluates your case partly on medical records. 

However, you may still be able to win your case if you haven't had regular medical appointments due to the cost of these appointments.

Claiming Social Security Disability When You
Can’t Afford a Doctor

Generally speaking, the SSA won't look sympathetically on applicants who claim to suffer from a serious medical condition but haven't seen a doctor. Few people live with a disability that hasn't been diagnosed or under treatment unless they have a good reason, such as an inability to pay the high costs of medical bills.

If you cannot afford medical treatment, there may be low-cost ways to benefit both your health and your application for benefits. For example, you'll greatly improve your position if you:

  • Apply for subsidized health insurance. Florida provides qualified low-income residents with free healthcare through Medicaid. The Affordable Care Act can allow patients to get healthcare at a price they can afford.
  • Seek out public benefits. There are many state and federal organizations which offer income assistance, food coupons, and health benefits. Even if you may not qualify for healthcare, the savings from other benefits may allow you enough financial leeway to see your doctor.
  • Visit an emergency room or urgent care for treatment. Some people have insurance that only covers emergency care. If you have coverage that pay for you to be seen in an urgent setting, these visits establish some testing and guidance and provide another entry on your medical record.
  • Attempt to find a clinic offering low-cost services. Some providers offer payment plans or reduced-cost services to patients who don't have insurance. Others may provide free or lower-cost services to patients who can prove need or special circumstances.

If there isn't enough medical evidence in your case, the SSA may require you to undergo a consultative exam to determine your disability claim. While this doctor may evaluate your condition and the extent of your disability by performing testing, he or she doesn't provide treatment. His or her opinion greatly impacts the outcome of your case.

Even if you cannot afford to see a doctor, you still have the burden of proving to the SSA that you couldn't obtain low-cost treatment. If you're having trouble collecting Social Security disability benefits, we can help. Simply fill out the quick contact form on this page today to schedule a consultation with our Social Security attorneys at no cost to you.