Today you went to work, just like every other day. The only difference about today, however, is that you were injured on the job. You’re not exactly sure how it happened, because you were simply performing the tasks you do on a daily basis, but it left you with a serious injury and lots of pain.

You went to the doctor’s office immediately following the incident and received a medical exam, had tests performed, and purchased medication. The doctor told you to take some time off work to heal, and suggested you apply for workers’ compensation to help cover the bills while you do.

Is Your Injury Covered by Workers’ Comp?

Some employees assume that all injuries that take place at work fall under the workers’ compensation umbrella. The truth is, however, some don’t:

  • Accidents that occur while on break. Injuries that are suffered during breaks that take place on company property are often covered by workers’ comp. But when you leave the premises and are injured at a restaurant or similar setting, you will likely not receive benefits.
  • When only first aid is required. If you suffer from injuries in which only bandages, stitches, or the like are needed, you may not receive compensation. For instance, if you slice your finger while working at a restaurant in Daytona, unless permanent damage occurs, you may not get workers’ comp.
  • When illegal activity is involved. Those who are injured while fighting, engaging in horseplay, or are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will likely not qualify to receive compensation.
  • When driving to work. Generally, workers are not eligible to receive workers’ comp on their commutes to and from work. However, exceptions may occur.

Johnson and Gilbert Can Help

You have a right to work in a place that is safe and protects you from injuries. When this doesn’t happen, however, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Contact the attorneys of Johnson and Gilbert to learn more.