Yes. The Social Security Administration can look at your Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) to see if you meet the requirements for benefits under this option. Sarcoidosis is a condition in which inflammatory cells collect around certain organs in the body—typically the skin, heart, eyes, and lungs. Although the cause of sarcoidosis isn’t known, some researchers believe the condition is a result of the body’s immune system responding to a trigger—being exposed to a chemical, bacteria, or dust.  

Those who have the condition often have difficulty breathing, vision loss, heart problems, and debilitating skin lesions. Because Social Security doesn’t have a sarcoidosis listing, you can typically only receive the benefits if you qualify under a disability that affects the organ because of the condition, such as ichthyosis or chronic pulmonary deficiency.

When You Don’t Meet the Qualifications

If you don’t qualify for Social Security benefits, there may still be another way. The Administration can review your RFC and possibly grant Social Security benefits based on your results. RFC results include:

  • The skin. If you have skin lesions from sarcoidosis on parts of your body that limit your ability to sit, stand, or otherwise perform job duties, you may qualify for Social Security benefits.
  • The lungs. If your lungs are affected by the condition and make working in certain environments impossible, you may qualify. For instance, if you typically work in an area that contains dust, fumes, or extreme temperatures, your decreased lung capacity may limit the type of work you are able to perform.
  • The eyes. Problems such as blurred or double vision are often seen with sarcoidosis. Such issues may prevent you from being able to operate machinery, drive, or perform other duties that your job requires. As a result, you may qualify for benefits.

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