You’ve been injured on the job and now you’re forced to think of things you never had to before. For instance, how will you be able to pay your bills now that you are hurt and can’t make the money you need? Fortunately, that very reason is why Florida workers’ compensation exists – to take care of employees who are injured on the job. Many different types of compensation are available, and becoming familiar with them may help you.

  • Temporary Disability. Two types of temporary disability exist: temporary total disability and temporary partial disability. Temporary total disability applies to those who cannot return to work because of injuries they sustained while on the job. During this time you should receive income totaling two-thirds of your regular wages. Temporary partial disability is given to those who can return to work with restrictions. These employees may be eligible to receive this type of workers’ comp if they are unable to make 80 percent of the wages they were making at the time of the accident.
  • Impairment Benefits. If your condition is not expected to improve, the doctor will state you have achieved your “maximum medical improvement.” She will have you evaluated for possible permanent work restrictions and an impairment rating, and you may be able to receive impairment benefits.
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits. You may be eligible to receive permanent total disability benefits if, after you reach your maximum medical improvement, your injuries are so severe that you are unable to work.
  • Death Benefits. If a work-related death occurs within one year after the date of the accident or five years after continuous disability, the family of the deceased may receive compensation, including funeral expenses, education benefits, and allowances for dependants.

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