Those who are hurt on the job often assume that all medical expenses will be taken care of. From their trips to the doctor to the treatment they receive, some people believe they’re not responsible for payment. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Although some expenses paid by the patient are later reimbursed by the insurance company, such as transportation to the doctor’s office, not everything qualifies.

When a Doctor’s Error Forces You to Pay

Most doctors are certainly competent and skilled and have their patients’ best interests in mind. Unfortunately, some doctors make poor decisions and errors that cost patients extra money and require that they pay their work-related injury bills. These doctors may:

  • Order unnecessary tests. Doctors may order unnecessary or questionable tests in the hopes that the insurance company will pay for them. Because the insurance company reimburses your physician for the services provided, he may receive money for ordering these tests. If the tests are found to be unnecessary, the insurance company may refuse to pay for them, leaving you responsible for the costs.
  • Unknowingly order tests that aren’t approved by the insurance company. When the company refuses to pay the fees, you may have to.
  • Charge more for medication. Some doctors are able to both prescribe and sell medication at their offices. This is problematic because the medication is often sold at a much higher cost than at a pharmacy. If you purchase such medication and the insurance company finds out about the price increase, you may have to pay the difference.

Be Prepared for a Doctor’s Mistake

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