Families of Disabled Workers May Qualify for Partial SSDI Benefits

Posted on Sep 15, 2013

Family members of a person receiving Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits may be eligible to receive payments as well, notes the Social Security Administration.

How much depends on a number of factors including age and health of children, marital status and how much the disabled worker receives. Ormond Beach Social Security disability lawyers Johnson & Gilbert say determination of benefits can be tricky and recommend consulting with experienced counsel to assist in preparing successful disability claims.

Among family members who may receive benefits are children, disabled children, adult children disabled before age 24, spouse and ex-spouse.

Eligible family members may receive a monthly benefit for as much as 50 per cent of the amount received by the disabled worker receiving SSDI, up to a point. The total family benefit may not exceed 150 to 180 percent of the total due the disabled worker. If the family total surpasses that amount, benefits paid those other than the disabled worker are reduced to come into line with that range. A disabled worker must have paid into the disability system for family members to be eligible to receive benefits.

Family members applying for benefits based on the disabled worker’s insurance must show Social Security identification and birth certificates. Spouses must provide proof of marriage and, if applicable, dates of prior marriages.

Should a divorced spouse qualify for benefits, the amount will not reduce amounts paid the disabled person or other family members. If the marriage lasted more than 10 years, an ex-spouse over the age of 62 may qualify.

While Social Security applicants are not eligible for family coverage, a disabled spouse or dependent child may be independently eligible. A spouse of any age caring for a worker’s children under the age of 16 may receive family disability benefits, as can a disabled spouse receiving Social Security benefits.

The attorneys at Johnson & Gilbert P.A. know establishing eligibility for family Social Security disability benefits is important to every disabled worker’s peace of mind. Call them at 386.673.4412 or toll-free at 800.556.8890.


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