There was a case that I distinctly remember, where this mother who had two daughters was killed by a driver—this young kid who was approximately 20 years old, who had been drinking for a good part of the day on the beach. At the time the accident occurred, she had insurance coverage but the kid who killed her in this auto accident had very limited insurance coverage.

She was killed in an automobile accident by this kid who had been drinking, and unfortunately, he had very little insurance coverage. He certainly did not have enough to take care of her family or to compensate her family. Fortunately for her, she had some uninsured motorist coverage, which I encourage everyone, everyone carry as much uninsured motorist insurance coverage as you possibly can; because that’s the only thing that you’re going to have that is going to protect you—other than your medical coverage—if you are involved in a serious accident where the other driver has little or no insurance coverage.

At the end of the day, we were able to pursue it. The insurance carrier had initially denied coverage on it, the reason being is because the kid who had been drinking was driving someone else’s vehicle, and it became very convoluted and the insurance carrier denied it—even though in my opinion there was clear liability. They were clearly, clearly responsible for this mother and her children. And at the end of the day, we were able to succeed and prevail, and we were able to get the insurance carrier to pay their full policy limits to her family.