Lance Gilbert and I have been partners, I’m happy to say, for a little over 15 years now. We have a good close working relationship—we’re friends at work, we’re friends away from work. There are no questions that I’m afraid to ask him, and there are no questions he’s afraid to ask me. I believe that’s a big difference between our firm and a lot of other firms.

I know I’ve worked at the big firm before, and the big firm seems that the relationship you have is a good “working relationship” with people, but you don’t really know them. A lot of times you feel a little bit hesitant in going and asking them for their input on something. You may go and ask them a simple, straightforward legal question, but to actually sit down and brainstorm about a case is something that you may not do quite as much.

With Lance and I, we feel very comfortable with one another. I know most of his clients, he knows most of my clients, and we will work on cases together. We will come up with a legal strategy on cases together from time to time, and a lot of times we will try cases together.

So I believe that is one of several different things that sets us apart from other firms.