A motorcycle safety program is a necessity when you decide you want to start riding one. Courses will teach you the fundamentals of safety, but there are some additional skills that they rarely teach.

For example, if you ever do lose control of your bike, squeeze both levers fast.

Hills can offer extra challenges. You often just can't see what might be coming at you from over the hill. Buy yourself some extra time by moving away from the center line before you crest the hill. Don't be caught in the way of an oncoming vehicle.

You should always place your best driver in the drag position when you are riding in a group. He or she will often be the first person to handle an accident. The drag position person is the one who obtains a new lane for the group, and he is in a great position to recommend changes in the group's riding positions.

Changing lanes in a group is also a challenge. If you are changing into a slower-moving lane, move into the lane one at a time, moving from first bike to last. The drag bike is the last to change. When the first bike changes lanes and maintains speed, it will open the lane for you and others, allowing you space to make your lane change. This allows the group to change lanes in minimal time. The group maintains speed until the last bike has changed lanes, and then can adjust speed as a group.

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