Come rain or come shine, in Florida we have both. Motorcyclists hope for shine, but should prepare for rain. How do you prepare for a ride in rainy weather?
  • Wear appropriate clothes and protective gear: In rainy weather, you are likely to need warmer clothing. The temperature may drop considerably, and you will feel the chill of wind on your wet clothes. Wear rainproof gear and a helmet and make sure the face shield or goggles you wear are well ventilated and sprayed with anti-mist product. Put on your boots, gloves, elbow and knee armor to protect you in case you slide and fall in a crash.
  • Be visible: Motorists will have even more trouble seeing you in heavy rain, which means you certainly want to put on your lights and wear a reflector vest.
  • Slow down and keep your distance: Beware of all other vehicles that need a far longer distance to come to a stop, as does your own motorcycle. When decelerating, use the rear brake first and gradually, so as not to block the wheel, and be even more careful using the front brake.
  • If you know your ride in the rain is going to last, you may consider deflating your tires. A lower tire pressure increases the contact surface on the slippery road.

Riding through heavy rain is challenging and requires skills and experience. Build those up from a low base, riding very slowly at first and increasing your speed gradually. Do not try to follow more experienced or reckless riders who are traveling at a higher speed than you are comfortable with.

If the weather conditions become too much to handle, with strong wind gusts and lightning, find shelter immediately. Florida has by far the highest incidence of lightning-related injuries and deaths in the U.S.A., so please do not underestimate the risks you take.

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